Posted by Debbie Smith on Nov 13, 2010 in Design tips

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Does load time really matter?

Posted by Debbie Smith on Apr 16, 2010 in Design tips

Google says it does and if Google says it does then it does! Google will now add the page load time into its algorithm for searching.  What does that mean? The algorithm is the way that Google searches for pages and ranks them. Right now the speed is not the top item, relevance still is but it is a factor. Google also has found that load time saves company money! This means that as designers we need to make sure that our pages load quickly. To make our pages load quickly we need to keep the code very clean and the file sizes very small. The smaller the better!

Two tools to help:

If you are a Firefox user download the Page Speed Firefox addon.

Pingdom will check you load time and give you great information about your pages.

For more information: Google code has some great resources for speeding up your code.

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