Checking your pages

Posted by Debbie Smith on Apr 12, 2010 in assignments, Design tips

OK so everyone is supposed to check their pages in different browsers and different versions of different browsers. Some browser manufacturers (namely Microsoft) will not allow you to run multiple versions of the browser on one operating system. The same manufacturer is notorious bad at implementing standards so what is a good designer to do?

Well ….install all the browsers you can on your system and check your pages in all of those browsers. But if you really want to know what could be wrong with your site, you need to check it in Internet Explorer 6. There are many people still using it and it never displays the way that you think it will.

Geotek has a renderer that will help you do this. The renderer will return screenshots of your pages so that you can see how it will display in different versions of Internet Exploder.


What is the difference between a table header and a heading?

Posted by Debbie Smith on Feb 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

In your comments for 5.02 you said I shouldn’t have any headers but I need 1 heading for each page. What is the difference between a header and a heading?

GREAT question! All pages should have headings that are marked up as headings using the format. They should be marked up using a Heading 1- Heading 6. These give structure to your pages.  Headings should be used in order which means you should never have a heading 2 unless you have a heading 1 before it. They form an outline. This helps with search engine optimization and with accessibility.

Tables were never meant to be used for layout. Tables were meant to hold data only. Many people still use tables for layout even though it is not a great practice. If you do use tables for layout, you need to be sure that you have the headers set to 0.  This is also for accessibility.  It confuses search engines and text readers when you set it incorrectly.  If you have headers set you will see <th> instead of <td> in your code. When I look at your pages I always check to be sure you are not using the <th> code unless you are using tables to hold tabular data

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